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Artbud Builders Ltd are premier suppliers of garage doors, for domestic and commercial customers in Hampstead, Kingston and the wider West London region. Based in Staines, we travel throughout local and surrounding areas to carry out consultations and installations. Our FMB qualified specialists offer guidance on the different types of garage doors and can help you find the most suitable system for your property. Contact us for a free quotation.


Types of Garage Doors


There are a number of different door operating mechanisms available for garages. At Artbud Builders Ltd, we supply them all and provide a tailored service to ensure our garage doors meet your specific requirements. Some of the most popular styles of garage doors amongst our customers in Hampstead, Kingston and West London include the following:


Roller Shutters

Maximising space in your garage, roller garage doors open vertically by curling up into a roll that is positioned either inside, between or on the outside of the garage opening. Roller shutters are usually electric and remote controlled but manual operation is also available.


Up and Over

A traditional and long-recognised garage door option, up and over doors are one of the most cost-effective designs. They are also available in a wide range of materials, colours and styles, from durable steel and attractive timber to low-maintenance aluminium.



One of the best garage doors for security and insulation, sectional doors are made from panel sections that slide upwards to open. They are also popular with customers in Hampstead, Kingston and the West London areas, looking for a more contemporary look.


Side Hinged

With hinges on either side, side hinged garage doors traditionally open outwards like a regular door to maximise space inside of your garage. They are low-maintenance, can be installed quickly and are ideal when regular pedestrian access is required.

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Tips for Choosing Garage Doors


Deciding on a garage door for a new or existing property can be often be daunting, with so many options to choose from. To help you find the right garage door, Artbud Builders Ltd always ask customers to consider the following questions:


• What is your garage used for (or going to be used for)?

• What are the dimensions of the garage door opening?

• How much space is available to open the garage doors?

• Do you have a preferred colour and style?

• Do you want the garage door to match anything? E.g. windows

• Which materials will work best for your garage door?

• If you have a listed building, do you need planning permission?

• Do you want to consider specific security or insulation options?


For more guidance on choosing garage doors for your garage in Hampstead, Kingston or the wider West London area, contact our team. As experienced builders, we can provide expert advice, show you examples and recommend doors to suit your property, needs and budget.

Call Artbud Builders Ltd today on 07375 520813, 07375 520812 or 01784 440111, to discuss garage doors for your Hampstead, Kingston or West London property.

Garage doors in Hampstead 9
Garage doors in Hampstead 9
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Garage doors in Hampstead 9