Property Renovations, Extensions and New Builds in Hampstead

Dreaming of the perfect home but wondering whether to renovate or build? On this page, Artbud Builders Ltd look at the different options to help you choose the right one for you. As specialists in property renovations, extensions and new builds since 2014, we have extensive knowledge in all things buildings related and are well-known in the Hampstead area for our bespoke furniture, constructions and high-quality garage doors.


Property Renovations vs. New Builds


Top reasons to renovate your home:


• It is often much easier and quicker to get planning permission for alterations, such as extensions with garage doors, than it is to get approval for new builds

• You love where you live, whether it be in Hampstead or elsewhere, but there are no available plots in your neighbourhood to start a new build

• If you don’t have one already, finding a suitable plot for new builds can be a long process and if time is against you, property renovations may be the better option

• It can be more environmentally-friendly to renovate and reuse than to source new materials for a new build

• Whether adding some bespoke furniture, garage doors or renovating the entire building, property renovations may be more suitable for your budget and time-scale


Popular reasons to build a new home:


• If you are unhappy with your existing property and would rather start from scratch than renovate

• When you are unable to make changes to your home, usually due to its heritage status or if it is in a conservation area of Hampstead

• Renovations can be subject to increased VAT costs, usually a standard rate of 20%, whereas new builds can often qualify for zero-rated VAT

•  If you have found a plot available in your neighbourhood ideal for building a home, in an area you are familiar with and enjoy living in

• New builds can be more eco-friendly, especially when pursuing ways to reduce energy costs and by using recycled materials and locally-sourced, bespoke furniture


Whether deciding to go down the route of property renovations or new builds, Artbud Builders are committed to keeping costs down for our customers whilst maintaining quality.


Specialists in Extensions, Renovations & New Builds


Formed over four years ago and with eighteen years of combined experience between us, Artbud Builders Ltd have the skills and expertise to undertake constructions and home improvements in Hampstead of any kind. From property renovations, extensions and new builds to garage doors, basements and bespoke furniture, every project we carry out is completed with the upmost attention-to-detail and care. As professional master builders, we believe in delivering high standards throughout every aspect of our work and will help to make your dream home a reality.


Do not hesitate to contact us to arrange a free consultation and take a look at our gallery page, for examples of our projects and bespoke furniture. You can also visit our showroom near Hampstead to browse through our excellent displays and to speak with our team.

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